Our work

Owner Duration
EMAAR 2018-2019

Design, Construction, Commissioning of the outfall lines for Dubai Creek Harbor Outfall:
• Supply & Installation of 2 no’s parallel Outfall Pipelines of approximate OD1.2 meter,
• Supply & Installation of Two Diffuser of Ø1200 SDR 26 and DN 1000 MM Pipe each of 75 and 50 meter long,
• Relocation of the existing TSE pipeline DN 1700, DN 1400 GRP pipeline, fittings and all accessories,
• Construction of Flow Control Valve (FCV) chamber, Butterfly valve chamber and flow meter valve chamber,
• Supply and install needle type flow control valve, flow meter, different types of valve with accessories,
• Supply and installation of GRP kiosk near flow control valve chamber, etc