Our work

Blue Water island District Cooling Network

Owner Duration
EMPOWER 2016 - 2017

Scope includes Construction, testing and commissioning of a 3Km chilled water supply and return network at Blue Water Island including Hot tapping works, micro tunnelling, valve chambers, draw pits and Tie-ins at ETS rooms.

There are a number of complex elements to this project, one of which being the installation of the network within an existing breakwater which requires the removal and reinstatement of rock armour within the surf zone. In addition, the drive and receive pits associated with the micro tunnelling operation required careful design and planning as they were 20m in depth, below the sea-bed. Secant piles were utilized to construct the pits to ensure that they were adequately sealed, the pits were then de-watered and excavated to final invert level ready to receive the micro tunnelling equipment.