Our work


Owner Duration
Port of Fujairah Authority 2017-2019

The Contractor’s scope of works include of design, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning.

• West side sheet pile quay wall (approximate length of 500m)
• South side sheet pile quay wall (approximate length of 250m)
• Sheet pile Pier A (approximate length of 214m).
• Sheet pile Pier B (approximate length of 192m)
• Tug Boat sheet pile quay wall
• Dhow Inspection pontoon and concrete deck on piles near the round head
• Relocation of existing floating jetty.
• Reclamation works (in front of quay wall)
• Revetment (north side of harbour basin protection)
• Dredging works (approximately 100,000m3, dredging depth ‐7.0 FHD, adjacent to new quay wall)
• Capping beam (cover the top of sheet piling )
• Service trench (behind the capping beam for provision for installation of water pipe, electrical lines, data cables, fire fighting pipes, fuel lines etc.)
• Marine fittings and furniture ( Bollards, Fenders, Mooring rings, ladders)

• Coast Guard building including all MEP and finishing works. (G+1)
• Operation Canteen building including all MEP and finishing works. (G+1)
• Security building at the Main Gate including all MEP and finishing works.(G+1)
• Security building at the loading area including all MEP and finishing works.
• Inspection bay sheds including all MEP and finishing works(optional)
• Marine Crew camp main building, kitchen & mess hall at Tug berth
• New sub stations with step‐down transformer and generator

• Pavement and Roadwork (including road marking, barrier, road sign,etc)
• Precast boundary wall and PVC coated chain link fence.
• High mast and medium high mast.
• Installation of electrical network (cable laying)
• Installation of fresh water supply system (Pipe laying / installation of valve / hydrants, tie‐in etc.)
• Service pedestal at Piers
• Fire fighting ( installation of firewater pipe / pump / hydrant /valve / chambers,etc)
• Drainage system (non‐ contaminated rainwater runoff)
• Foul water system (collect and transport sewerage water for disposal in existing main)
• CCTV surveillance network cable (integrated with existing PoF CCTV system
• Utility corridor (utility pipe, conduits / cable, valves, and other service)
• Sewage treatment plant (STP)
• Parking with canopy
• Antenna foundation (existing Antenna transferred to the service harbour)
• Fire pump house